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VIR GIN 0.5 l

The TeutoVIR GIN is a summery, mild GIN. Raspberries give it the intense, fruity aroma. Its taste is enhanced by the addition of lime and rose water.


The flavors of TeutoVIR GIN come into their own in a large stemmed glass with fresh berries. When creating TeutoVIR GIN, we paid particular attention to connoisseurs. Cheers girls!


Tonic Water recommendations: Goldberg Yuzu, Fever Tree Tonic Water Mediterranean

You can find further recipe suggestions under the menu item "Drinks".


VIR GIN 0.5 l

VAT Included
  • Many legends are hidden behind the lakes of the Teutoburg Forest. Mermaids were sighted on the shores many thousands of years ago. The coat of arms of the TeutoVIRGIN adorns a beautiful and seductive female being, which serves as a model for the character of the drink.

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