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Find your GIN!
handcrafted small batches from Hagenin the Teutoburg Forest



strong in character - mild - versatile


TeutoGIN isMen's and women's thing.

Enjoy TeutoGIN

pure or with tonic water,

alone or with friends,

in winter or in summer,

... but enjoy!

Our distillery is open every Friday from  2.30 p.m. to  5.30 p.m.

raw materials

nature and region

The ingredients of the TeutoGIN are exclusively natural and weare carefully selected. Predominantly fresh fruit and freshly cut herbs give the products their aromas and taste. What cannot be grown locally is preferably bought from the manufacturer.
We use ZERO dyee and chemical additives.



TeutoGIN is used from cutting the botanicals to distilling, bottling and labelinghandcrafted in our distillery.
Only by hand can sich ensure the enjoyment and quality.

our GIN

Enjoyment guaranteed

Strength of character through intensive aromas, the personal note and the mildness in the distillate make TeutoGIN unmistakable.
Our ginis pleasure!
We create GINs for the fine palate!

enjoy gin
the world of GIN


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