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The set contains two bottles of 0.5 l each.

The mild and fruity varieties of the TeutoGIN series are eye-catchers. The magical moment when the BLUE GIN is infused with tonic water and the color of the drink changes from fresh blue to rosy pink is an experience every time. The VIRGIN with the fresh, fruity and mild note of the raspberry attracts women like Elster from afar.


SKU: 1003/1004
€79.90 Regular Price
€76.90Sale Price
VAT Included
  • BLUE GIN: 40 vol. %, mild - mandarin, pomegranate

    VIR GIN: 40 vol. %, mild - raspberry, lime

    Type: Navy Light GIN and Flavord Gin, handcrafted in small batches

    Taste: fruity, mild

    Content: 1 liter

    Origin: Germany / Lower Saxony

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