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    About us  

In the middle of the Teutoburg Forest lies the cherry community of Hagen aTW, known for the cherry blossom in April, international horse breeding and as a destination for extensive hikes in the countryside. This is where the TeutoGIN and the Teuto liqueurs are created.
Founded by two neighbors in June 2020, our TeutoGIN Distillery has experienced rapid development. A hobby quickly became a company with a lot of passion. In winter 2020, British VOGUE advertised our GINs in Christmas Stocking and in spring 2021 we received our first prize. Im September 2021 we exchanged our first production facility for a larger one, since the number of bottles sold was a multiple of what we initially hoped for :-).

For us, distilling is like star cuisine - the most important are the quality of the ingredients, the personal touch, the preparation  as well as the constant quality - and in the end it has to play around the palate and be allowed to surprise. We are always looking for new ideas and extraordinary creations. It is important to us that the ingredients remain pure and natural. We do not use any chemical additives or flavors and focus on the essentials.
We love experimenting with botanicals, we love the care and the moments when we sit together late at night and after work, revue  the day and taste our new creations. We are proud and happy to do what we love. Our motto is: Where there is a will, there is a way! 

From the first cut of the botanicals, through maceration, distillation, bottling and sealing of the bottles, everything happens in our distillery and by our hands. We produce in small batches and carefully inspect each distillation run by all the art of tasting. Everything we do, we do to give you the GIN enjoyment!

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