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Hagen aa Teutoburg Forest is known for the cherry blossom and numerous original cherry varieties. So it stands to reason that the best KIRSCH GIN has to come from Hagen am Teutoburg Forest.


Unmistakable cherry aromas, delicate aromas from sun-ripened oranges and a touch of rose blossom make the TeutoKIRSCH GIN particularly. It is mild, soft and slightly sweet thanks to the sweet cherry. Cherries pitted by hand and a recipe developed with a lot of love, each bottle is labeled and filled by hand - everything is handmade! A GIN like no other!


The first limited edition of TeutoKIRSCH GIN held a total of 100 bottles in 2020 and was sold out after just a few days.


We have therefore decided to produce the second limited edition with a total of 200 bottles in 2021. But the harvest was small due to the weather, so that we did not have enough Hagen cherries available for the production and aromatic ones Added sweet cherries from Baden-Württemberg.


With a light, classic Indian tonic water, the cherry comes into its own and guarantees enjoyment. For those who like it slightly fruity, we have cherry recipe recommendations in the menu item "Drinks".


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  • Alcohol content: 40 vol. %

    Variety: Dry GIN, Small Batch

    Limited Edition 2022: 100 bottles

    Taste: sweet cherry

    Content: 0.5 l

    Origin: handcrafted in Hagen in the Teutoburg Forest

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