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BLUE GIN 0.5 l

The TeutoBLUE GIN is characterized by its fresh and mild character. Tangerine and lime play first fiddle on the nose. A total of 15 botanicals give the TeutoBLUE GIN its round and fruity taste.

It scores with a unique visual sophistication. A special herbal ingredient gives it its blue color. When adding tonic water, the color of the drink changes. An eye-catcher!


Tip: Freeze tonic water in cubes and add to the GIN in the glass. The color changes slowly and the taste is not diluted.


Tonic Water recommendations: Goldberg Yuzu, Fever Tree Tonic Water Mediterranean

BLUE GIN 0.5 l

VAT Included
  • For decades there have been numerous trout farms in the area around Hagen a.T.W. The blue of the water and the life associated with it flow into the coat of arms of the TeutoBLUE GIN.

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