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Private gin tasting

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For some, gin tasting is a science in itself, for others it is simply enjoyment and relaxation. The important thing is that it is fun! In the following we have put together some tips for you on the process of a tasting from the TeutoGIN Tasting Box.

We are happy to be able to prepare a special moment of pleasure and wish you a relaxed tasting!

Tasting preparation

The most important thing for GIN tasting is the TeutoGIN tasting box with matching tonic water. The GIN should be at room temperature. The best thing to do is to put the tonic in the cold.

You will also need:

  • lots of ice - we recommend large ice cubes

  • Tasting glasses (grappa glasses) 1x per GIN and participant

  • GIN Tonic glasses (360 - 650 ml)

  • Side dishes / garnish depending on your preference

  • Bread / baguette or crackers

  • Mineral water for rinsing


The sequence

The GINs can first be tasted neat one after the other. The process for each gin is as follows:

  • Serve gin

  • Nosing

  • Tasting

  • rating

The pure tasting is followed by the tasting with tonic water, because as a mixed drink, the characters of the GINs come into their own.

Information about the GINs can be found here :


Phase I: nosing

The first impression of a gin is in the nose. For this you should put at least 10 ml in the tasting glass. There are gin tasting glasses for professionals and experts. Grappa glasses are also very suitable.

If you swivel the glass slightly, the aromas can develop better and are easier to explore.

You start from a distance and smell yourself in the direction of the glass. In this way, more and more aromas and smells can be discovered.

If you hold your nose directly into the glass you spoil the experience.


Stage II: Tasting

You wet your tongue with GIN. The first impression already shows the direction - floral, fruity, tart? And what role does the juniper play? A small sip brings out more aromas - spicy, hot, sweet? You can also see other aromas in the nose. It is important to try several times. Even an experienced palate often only recognizes the aromas one after the other.


Phase III: finish

After swallowing you get a third idea of the gin: the finish. This can vary, from short to long lasting. Sometimes you rediscover a completely new aroma in the gin that slowly develops. So mindfulness is required.

... and now from theory to practice

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We recommend tasting the GINs in the following order:



3. TeutoBLUE GIN

4. TeutoVIR GIN


A new glass should always be used for tasting the GINs, otherwise the aromas will mix. It is also advisable to eat something neutral between the GINs and rinse your mouth with a sip of water.

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The perfect GIN tonic

With a GIN Tonic, the crux is in the details. You need a visually appealing glass, the right amount of ice and most importantly - the right tonic water. The best GIN can be "ruined" with an incorrectly chosen tonic water. We have included the right tonic in the tasting box so that you can taste the full aroma support. The mixing ratio of GIN and tonic can vary. We recommend a ratio of 1: 3 - 1: 4.

The right side dish gives the long drink an aesthetic look and enhances its flavor even more.



3 - 5 cl GIN

100-200 cl tonic water

4 - 5 large ice cubes

Supplements of your choice

1. First put the ice cubes in the glass and pour the GIN over it

2.Fill with tonic water (ratio 1: 3 - 1: 4)

3. Add side dishes

4. Stir gently with a straw

You can watch the preparation in the following video.



"Find your GIN" is the motto. Which GIN did you like best? Which one caressed your palate and took you on a journey? Are you the fruity type, the herbaceous type or the classic one?


Information about the GINs can be found here :



GIN cocktails

GIN can not only be enjoyed with tonic water, but also in a cocktail. The GIN classics are the Dry Martini and the Negroni. We have further serving recommendations for you under the menu item "Drinks" .


... and one more surprise ...

The TeutoGIN Tasting Box comes with a 10% voucher code that you can redeem for your next purchase in our online shop.


We look forward to you!


Your TeutoGIN Distillery

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