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Quince liqueur

The strong quince liqueur made by TeutoGIN Distillery is 100% natural. Made according to Christina's recipe from handpicked and untreated quinces from the Hagen Kingdom of Heaven. Harvested, cut, prepared and bottled by hand - a thoroughly handmade regional product.

The fruity aromas of the quince paired with cinnamon, star anise and clove make the clear liqueur a sensual winter temptation - strong and authentic in taste without artificial additives and without artificial aromas with a long finish.

The quince has almost been forgotten, but it is incredibly healthy. The quince was already extremely popular in the Middle Ages and was known as "Aphrodite's apple". In ancient Greece, the fruit has always been a symbol of love, fertility and happiness.

The aromatic quince is harvested shortly before the peak of its fruit ripeness in October / November when it changes its color from green to yellow, i.e. is almost fully ripe. The timing is crucial. After harvesting, it is important to remove the fluff on the skin, as this is where most of the bitter substances are found. Only after this process is the quince crushed and mixed with sugar, alcohol and spices.

Quince liqueur

VAT Included
  • Origin: Germany / Hagen am Teutoburg Forest

    Region: Lower Saxony

    Alcohol content: powerful 37% vol.

    Net filling quantity 0.375 l / 0.2 l

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