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Walnut liqueur

The strong walnut liqueur made by TeutoGIN Distillery is 100% natural. Made according to Tamila's recipe from handpicked and untreated walnuts from the Silberberg in Hagen. Harvested, washed, prepared and bottled by hand - a thoroughly handmade regional product.

Ripe walnuts and walnut shells are used for the liqueur. It already impresses in glass with a very nutty scent. It owes its robust taste to the sweet walnuts, the walnut shells and the addition of real bourbon vanilla. It makes you want to take the next sip!

Since a nut kernel resembles the shape of the human brain, the consumption of nuts has repeatedly been associated with special brain foods. The consumption of nuts is said to improve the ability to concentrate.

Walnuts ripen in September / October. When the green outer shell cracks, the walnuts will loosen and fall to the ground. After collecting the peel remnants and washing the nuts. They then take quite a while to dry and only then are they cracked and soaked in alcohol with the peel, sugar and vanilla for weeks.

Walnut liqueur

VAT Included
  • Origin: Germany / Hagen am Teutoburg Forest

    Region: Lower Saxony

    Alcohol content: powerful 37% vol.

    Net filling quantity 0.375 l / 0.2 l

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